Thursday, March 24, 2011

UPDATE: SF 484 a Bill to License Certified Professional Midwives in Iowa

Follow up to my previous post

Last night I did a mass email to all Iowa Senators. Today I received a response back from Senator Brad Zaun and Senator Jack Whitver. My first and only response to date. Senator Zaun is supportive of the bill. Senator Whitver relied, "As we have extra time before we debate the bill, I am using the time to research the bill further. In general, I support patient choice, but I always try to research the bill for unintended consequences or any flaws before it comes up for a vote. One of my biggest concerns right now on the bill is insurance for midwifery and if they are able to get covered for malpractice insurance if something goes wrong. I’ve been in contact with lobbyists on behalf of the cause, and I appreciate the information and personal connection you’ve provided as well. Please stay in touch as the bill comes to the floor."

I responded to Senator Zaun by thinking him for responding and for supporting the bill. I responded to Senator Whitver by thinking him for his response and stated that I respected and appreciated his desire to further research the bill. In my message I attached factsheets provided by FOIM and the contact information for Megan Day-Suhr , FOIM lobbyist.

So, at least I received some responses and I'm very excited that one of the responses was supportive of the bill. Yea!

NOTE: factsheets mentioned above can be accessed at the following link

NOTE: information regarding bill SF 484 can be accessed at the following link

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